I am a business coach and strategist for creative entrepreneurs. I am on a mission to help ordinary people become extraordinary entrepreneurs, through teaching and sharing foundational principles that work. The day before our wedding, my husband was laid off and I was living off of a teacher salary. In that moment, I realized that I had way too much education, expertise, experience, passion, and creativity to be forced to live off of $2,000 a month. 

Within a few months I had established and grew a lucrative custom t-shirt business, most weeks there was more demand than there was supply. I had a good problem. My next problem arose when I couldn't find very many people who were working full time, parenting full time, with successful full time businesses. As time progressed, I began sharing my story in the digital space, and I realized that I actually possessed something of value for new and aspiring entrepreneurs

Since then, I have been going nonstop. God has blessed me and my education and curricular prowess has extended far beyond the four walls of my 8th grade classroom. I travel extensively spreading entrepreneurial awareness and  strategy to all those who are passionate about diversifying their income streams. I am all about content, courses, credit, and creativity. I have been blessed to help business owners have stronger businesses, finances, and knowledge.